Baptized vikings, a martyrer on a frozen lake, destroyed temples: mission and Christianization during and after the Viking period are not only of interest to modern popular culture and medievalism, they were also a much debated topic in medieval hagiography and historiography. The course offers an introduction to the main narratives of conversion, from Adam of Bremen to the Icelandic sagas. Teaching and discussion will be bilingual German/English, the tutorial will focus on reading, writing and speaking academic English. Exams in English are optional.

Literatur: Nora Berend (ed.), Christianization and the rise of Christian monarchy: Scandinavia, Central Europe and Rus’ c. 900-1200, Cambridge 2007. Anders Winroth, The conversion of Scandinavia: Vikings, merchants, and missionaries in the remaking of Northern Europe. New Haven 2012. The sagas of Icelanders: A selection. 20th ed. World of the sagas, New York 2010.