Donald Trump’s unconventional approach to governing, as well as campaigning, has raised significant ethical questions about the use of power in a democracy. This course will engage students in discussions about the ethics of Trump’s words and actions as both candidate and president. Topics may include but not be limited to race relations; treatment of women, lgbtq persons, immigrants, refugees, and of his critics; climate change and the energy industry; truth, ”fake news” and the media; relations with foreign leaders; use of social media; relations with the two major political parties; populism, nationalism, and isolationism; nuclear weapons; campaign tactics; economic hardship and globalization. Also considered in these discussions will be the constitutional context, previous American presidencies, and the global rise of populist nationalism.

This seminar will be held in May and June (dates to be announced) by Gordon Henderson from Widener University (USA). Note that the "2 SWS" comprise 4 hours per week over half a semester.